Predictive Dialing Service

Call Center

Professional phone marketing! All you need is a computer and any phone (our system calls you).

Line Dialing

Dials 1-5 numbers at a time! Dialing automatically pauses when a call connects.


Team Marketing! You can have other agents log into your campaign to take calls when your line is busy.


Our intelligent lead uploading will accept your list in numerous formats. Contact details will pop up when a call is connected so you know who you are talking with! We sell Biz-Opp leads if needed.


The usual rate of our competitors is 5c/min. Ours is as low as 2c per minute*! No setup, per agent, sitting or monthly use fees. Just sign up and add minutes to your account. Minutes never expire. Pay as you go.

A Tool Every Business Needs

Take your Business seriously. Increase brand exposure and sales! Promote affiliate programs or income opportunities and watch your sales team (and income) grow!


Did you know it costs almost $16,000 each year to sign up for your own federal DNC account for all states? When you import a list into our system, you can choose to scrub it against the DNC list at no extra charge!

Intelligent System:

Simply login to your campaign interface, setup calling parameters, upload leads, input phone number for our system to connect with you, login in to the agent popup screen, hit start and wait for callers to connect with you. The system does all the dialing and sifting. If you choose to dial multiple numbers, the system will automatically pause when you are on a call.

Agent Screen Popup Window

This window merges with your phone campaign in real time! Shows the numbers that are being dialed (up to 5 calls per agent), or if the customer disconnects and other data. When a caller picks up you will hear a beep and be shown either the lead fields you imported or public directory info.

Intelligent List Processing

When uploading a lead list (CSV, TXT or PRN Formats accepted), choose if you want to scrub it against the national do-not-call list, or against your own in house do-not-call list, or if you want to remove duplicates and randomize numbers. Database engine intelligently sorts and uploads each field and corrects phone numbers.

Live Call Phone Features

When you are on a call, you are given some options. For interested callers, press 1 to have their details emailed to you so you can follow up with them later. Other keys can be used for surveys or any custom way you choose!


Rates as low as
2 cents Per Minute!

Calls are charged by the rounded up minute when the agent is on the phone waiting for callers to answer. When a customer (or answering machine) picks up, you would also pay for each rounded up minute for their connection. So if you have the 2c/min recharge package, a 2 way call would actually cost 4c/min. This rate is still cheaper than most phone companies charge for long distance without all the other telemarketing and DNC list scrubbing features!